Monday, February 21, 2011

Direction in the Dining Room

I have been itching to update the Dining room for some time now.  My challenge is I can’t seem to focus my “wants.”  I’m all over the place – chic – clean – bright – fun – classy  - AAGHHH!!  Someone stop me!
So to make sure you where we are starting here’s the most current picture I have of the dining room:
The items I know for sure… Wall color – I still love the green and it goes in the kitchen as well which creates a nice crisp effect with the white cabinetry.  The chairs - my sweet mother in law has 6 bamboo-esque chairs from the 70’s.  Their current yellow – speckley finish will need to be updated but how cool to have vintage chairs for FREE!!!  This is what they look like:

We also recently changed the light fixture out to CB2’s Eden Pendant:
The table we have is actually a family piece that was my grandmother’s.  I really like the table because it’s a pedestal and has four leaves.  So you can make it seat 12!  Which is great when we have family here but for every day we leave it with just one leaf so it fits the space well.
So…  I have those components that I know are a “for sure.”  Now where to go from there?
Any great dining rooms that you are loving?  Would love to hear any input! I will post a couple of my favorites soon!

** I was just browsing through the blogs I follow and came across Danielle's giveaway Danielle Oakley Interiors is giving away an Online Design Board!  What better way for me to figure out what to do in this space than to have a fellow designer help out!  It's hard to work in your own space and I would love for this talented chicky to give me the direction I need!!  **

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  1. Think "Jonathan Adler". Get the bamboo chairs. paint them white. Replace the fabric with a bold black and white print. Then get yellow, bright yellow drapery panels. That will make the dining room everything you want...chic,clean,bright,fun and classy. Just a thought. Michael T.


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