Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bright Lights, Big Screen


I’m a little late in telling y’all about the fun time we had going to the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  Look – it’s for real – it’s on the marquee!  The films were awesome!  The family was a little excited to see one of “us” on the big screen.  There **may** have been some hollering when we saw my brother’s cute mug on the screen.  And heard his silly “WOOHOO” in the background.

Disclaimer: This may sound completely weird, but you just have to see the film

I have to say my favorite line was… “I don’t know why it’s addictive, it just is.  Ask a crack head why crack’s addictive, he can’t tell you.  It’s like red crack.”   My brother, so eloquent.  Now y’all know where I get my stellar story telling skills!

(If you didn’t see the original post check it out here.  There’s a link to Carolina Reds film trailer.)

So after watching movies about fishing – it made us hungry, not so much for salmon or tuna but for SWEETS!!!


There is this super sweet (no pun intended, well maybe it is) bakery in NoDa that we made our way over to.  It’s a French bakery open 24 hours a day!!  That’s right any time of day your sweet tooth gets a hankering make your way over to Amelie’s!! 


Amelie’s is Aaamazing!!


Salted Caramel Brownie!!  Yes my eyes just rolled in the back of my head and I believe I may have swooned.  You have to go and try it!!


Desserts make us happy!! And the coffee probably helped too!!  Sugar and caffeine, who could ask for more!


Friday, March 19, 2010


I cannot believe this!!! Ellie has turned 5 years old. You all know what this means... I'm getting old. I really don't know how this happened! I mean wasn't she just born... Wasn't it just yesterday when she was wee one in our arms?? But alas it is back to reality. She is a five year old now. Growing faster than a weed - her personality coming through more and more. She a precious sweet girl!

So Uncle Joe and I took Ms. Elle-belle out for dinner the night before her birthday. We thought it would be fun to experience Ellie's first time at a Japanese Steakhouse. And boy was it! And of course after dinner we had to get some celebratory ice cream!
And ice cream makes us happy....

REAL happy
Ellie went with cotton candy with sprinkles. Hey it's all the range with the 5 year old's!

Uncle Joe went with dark chocolate with m&m's and chocolate sprinkles. I guess that's all the rage with the 5+30 year old's.
We had an amazing time! Happy Birthday sweet girl - Enjoy every day of year 5!!
Check out Ellie's super cool birthday party here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ladies Luncheon

This past Sunday, my friend Shannon, had a special guest in town. Erica (see below with the popped collar) was in town for a long weekend. They had a most lovely weekend!! Art class on Saturday morning, brunch at the Flying Biscuit, Farmer's Market for soap shopping, dinner on the town @ 300 East and drinks out on St. Patty's Weekend - where else but the Gin Mill. But on her last day in town, Shannon showed her some true southern hospitality with a "Ladies Luncheon" at the casa.

What a lovely group of ladies!

What's a ladies luncheon without a little vino? BTW I highly recommend you make a run to Trader Joe's for some wine buying! There are some really great wines for amazing prices!! This Riesling was very nice! We had some really nice Lambrusco as well!

photo courtesy of here
And then there was the main course... Spaghetti and meatballs. (You need to make sure you are saying that with an Italian accent!) Now these weren't just any meatballs. No these were homemade by the guest of honor. And they were DELISH!

Check out the bubbly goodness on the stove! I know your tummy is grumbling!
Now a little tag team on the pasta. Nice work ladies!

Add a smidgen of this - a dab of butter - a pinch of that. And viola! Lunch is served!

Looks good enough to EAT!

And oh, was it!

So glad I got to spend some time with you ladies! Come back soon ERICA!!
**edited to note - did Erica look a little familiar to you?? Well you have probably seen her on TV! Yes I know it's super cool. She has a recurring role on Law & Order SVU. She also was recently on "The Good Wife." Yes you google her name and she is all over the place! Shows on broadway, etc! She has her own page on the "internet movie database" - I mean HELLO?!?! ok just wanted y'all to know I was cool by association on Sunday. It doesn't happen often!**

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A new girl in town...

We have had this bessie for over 5 years. She has been good. Consistent. Loyal. Our stand by for all things that warranted documentation.

You hate to tell a good ol' pal that there's someone new in your life.
But, yes dear friend meet the new girl in town...

I know she's super HOT isn't she!?!? I promise dear old friend you won't be forgotten or unappreciated but you probably won't be coming out near as often. I mean look at what this new girl can do...

Gorgeous, right?? Does that make our relationship ending more understandable? Or was that even more rude throwing in your lens what you just can't do. What? We all have our limitations.


The BBQ was a great success thanks to help of a lot of amazing people! Thank you so much for volunteering, eating, contributing, cooking, cleaning, driving and the list could go on and on...

The countdown is on til we leave! Everyone is getting super excited. I can't wait to see Joe experience this!

Thank you Lord for the amazing opportunity you have given us!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fundraising for Mission Trip

We are heading back to Honduras to spend time with the children of New Life Orphanage in Jalaca, Honduras. Last year my friend Rhonda and I went for a week and had an amazing life changing experience.

Here we are last year skipping rope with the kids. Yes that's me in the dew rag - nice look, huh? We had so much fun with the kids! And many of them touched our hearts - some more than others.

This is Meilan - isn't she gorgeous!! And she's just precious! I can't wait to get back to Honduras to be with her!

Here's part of the team that's going this year.
So... we are planning our big fundraiser this weekend. Our church is helping put on a BBQ. The men are going to be smokin' the shoulders and the ladies are going to slinging some slaw. Should be some tasty treats!! Please swing by and get you some 'que!

If you would like to give, you can give a completely tax deductible gift right here.