Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finding {P}inspiration

With all this talk of houses – I’ve been busy scouring Pinterest for all kinds of fun ideas!  It’s super fun thinking of a new blank slate.  So with the stressful side of buying and selling a house, I’ve decided to focus on the fun – and the other stuff will or won’t work itself out!  Only time will tell – and in this between time – I choose to dream!

Here are some inspiration pic’s I’m really diggin! (click on picture for source)

yellow cape cod IMG_7498

Loving the black doors over at the Yellow Cape Cod


This wall color makes me drool – just a smidge


Fresh.  Clean. Interesting.  Yes please!


Sweet neutrals with a white brick fireplace



Gor – ja – sa!   Yum!!

Oh how I Pinterest!

If you’d like to follow along with this pinning frenzy just click here!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The act of selling…

As you probably recall we are in the midst of selling our home.  We put the house on the market on May 9th and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.  We’ve had a good many showings – at least 2 per week.  Which I have been very happy with.  We also had one Open House on a Sunday – that didn’t get a lot of traffic – but you never know!


I know so many people complain about keeping the house show ready, but I have to say I have enjoyed the “pressure” of keeping the house clean.  It’s been nice to live in a super tidy house for over a month.  I *may* miss the little voice in my head saying “Go ahead and put that away – you’ve got to keep the house looking good!” 


I have been very adamant that when we do have a showing that the house is show ready.  This means coming home on my lunch break to turn on all the lamps and fluff and puff.  I even had a sweet friend come by the house on a last minute showing and get everything ready.  There’s only one chance for a first impression!!


I’ve also tried some non-conventional ways of getting the word out.  I actually contacted Julia @ Hooked on Houses, who occasionally features her reader’s homes that are for sale.  And guess what…  she totally featured us this past week!  Check it out…  HERE.

There are so many good blog posts out there for tips on selling your house.  I think these tips can really help get your house – Show Ready!

So all that is to say… we’ve got an offer on the house!  We still have to get through appraisal and inspections – just trusting that if it’s God’s will for us to move, we will!

Of course the flip side of this exciting development is the next house.  We’ve also put a house under contract for us to move to, but I’m not quite ready to share all of that yet.  Trying not to count the chick’s before Mama’s ready – if you know what I mean.  So needless to say – the Leischners have a little bit on their plate right now being 4 1/2 months preggers and getting ready to completely turn things upside down!  Should be interesting!!

Can’t wait to take y’all on the journey with us!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Bump

Well the baby has started to show and that makes this whole pregnancy thing feel like the REAL DEAL!  I have to say, I enjoy having this bump! I think Joe enjoys it as well!!  He is always asking how “we’re doing” – so sweet!

So I haven’t been the best about taking pictures each week but I’m doing better and now that there’s actually a bump to document I hope I will do better!!

14 weeks1

Just starting to see a bump…

16 weeks1

And a little more…


And it’s official there’s a baby in there!!

We got to hear the heartbeat again earlier this week.  The babe was literally kicking the doppler!  We are super excited about having the ultrasound next week!!  But… we won’t be finding out the sex.  We are WAITING!  Some people are excited to hear that and others think we’re crazy!