Sunday, May 27, 2012

I do… in Seattle

This past weekend we made our way to the west coast to celebrate a very exciting occasion!  Joe’s brother David was getting married to wonderfully sweet Cortney.  The wedding was outside Walla Walla, WA at a beautiful vineyard at a’Maurice  Cellars.  The venue was gorgeous – you’re in the middle of wine country with rolling hills and mountains surrounding the grape vineyards. A perfect setting to begin a lifetime commitment!



We arrived Friday for the rehearsal which was followed by an amazing dinner at Whitehouse Crawford.

DSC_0516    DSC_0519



Saturday was a beautiful day – sunny – mild temps – blue skies for days.  The wedding was small and intimate. The groom and bride were gorgeous!  DSC_0574   DSC_0579DSC_0588a

The reception was so fun!  They had all kinds of games for everyone to play:  Life size “Jenga”, cornhole, hoola-hoops, games on each table, etc.  So fun!!






We are so glad that we were there to witness such a special event.  Joe and I both are so happy for David and Cortney and pray that their marriage will be blessed for a lifetime!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

To Market To Market...

We finally pulled the trigger and put the house on the market!!

After much consideration (aka: lots of projects), with the little one on the way and the market being more of a buyer's market, we are trying to get on the other side of the house market fence - the buyer's side.  If we are able to sell, we will be able to get in a neighborhood that we normally wouldn't be able to afford.  So putting the house on the market is a bit of an experiment.  If we sell, we'll know that it's meant to be AND if we don't - we trust in God's plan and know that it's not the time.


The sign has been in the yard for 2 weeks now and we've gotten some action.  I think we've had 5 different showings.  The feedback we've gotten so far is all pretty expected. {"Clients like it but concerned about one  bath" ~ "Cute house but a little small"} Our house is super cute (in my humble opinion) but it's got some challenges...  1 bathroom being the biggest one.  But it also has some features other homes in our price point don't have - {laundry room, mud room, renovated bath}.

We are asking $119k - can you believe that with interest rates where they are these days the house payment would only be $657.00!!  You cannot find a place to rent for the kind of $$ - some people have car payments that are close to that!  So who wouldn't want to buy a super cute house for so little!??!!?  (do you like the way I'm talking myself into this??)

You can check out the MLS listing here...  

Anyone need a super cute house close to center city Charlotte?!?!?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today is Mother’s Day

My least favorite day of the year for many years now.  A day that should be about honoring my mother and the women in my life that have taken care of me and built me up.  But for the last couple years this day has been about mourning.  Mourning the fact that I wanted so badly to be a mother.  And now that the good Lord has blessed us with a little baby growing away, I am still sad.  I am sad for all those women out there that desperately want to hold their baby.  All the women that are in the midst of crying out “why not me?”  “When will it be my time?”  “Will it ever be my time?”  I was that woman for so long and I just don’t think I’m over that hurt yet. 

I know wonderful women in my life that continue to struggle with infertility and my heart breaks for them today.  I know that there are many women that will sit in a church service and see all the mothers being honored today.  (For what they deserve to be honored for!)  But nonetheless, they will sit there and their hearts are breaking.  It is an awful, awful feeling.  And I just want those women to know that there is someone out there that knows that hurt.  And I mourn with you.