Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today is Mother’s Day

My least favorite day of the year for many years now.  A day that should be about honoring my mother and the women in my life that have taken care of me and built me up.  But for the last couple years this day has been about mourning.  Mourning the fact that I wanted so badly to be a mother.  And now that the good Lord has blessed us with a little baby growing away, I am still sad.  I am sad for all those women out there that desperately want to hold their baby.  All the women that are in the midst of crying out “why not me?”  “When will it be my time?”  “Will it ever be my time?”  I was that woman for so long and I just don’t think I’m over that hurt yet. 

I know wonderful women in my life that continue to struggle with infertility and my heart breaks for them today.  I know that there are many women that will sit in a church service and see all the mothers being honored today.  (For what they deserve to be honored for!)  But nonetheless, they will sit there and their hearts are breaking.  It is an awful, awful feeling.  And I just want those women to know that there is someone out there that knows that hurt.  And I mourn with you.

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  1. so true...and so glad you are getting to finally have a year that bring happiness on this day!


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