Monday, May 31, 2010

Mission Monday - Bonfire

We got to have a bonfire one night at camp.  And a bonfire it was!!!  The fire was huge.  It was so HOT!  But it roasted a yummy marshmallow!!






Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bathroom Progress

Well I know I haven’t been updating y’all on the progress in the bathroom but it is coming along nicely!  The painting is done.  And the sink is soooo close to being completed.  I’m loving the color combination! 

If you don’t remember what color theme we running with check that out here.

But now my challenge is artwork.  The shower curtain has a pretty strong pattern so I don’t want to “fight” with that.  I’m thinking maybe framing some botanicals.  But just can’t make up my mind.  I want to show you how far we’ve come but then I don’t want to do the reveal anything until I feel like it’s finished.

So at this point no peaks but just know it’s coming along and you’ll get the full reveal soon!

Have a most lovely Memorial Day weekend!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mission Monday – Photo Shoot

Loyda and Bella wanted to have a photo shoot.  These girls are so gorgeous!  And extremely photogenic!



DSC_2080  DSC_1918




We had so much fun!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

And then there was light…

This little lamp was in my bedroom growing up.  And I’m a few years over 20 – so I think this piece is totally vintage!  And of course – it was FREE!  So that being said since it’s a few days past it’s prime and it’s time to give her a little re-do.

So to start out…   I removed the socket.  With all of our vintage finds it’s important to make sure your items are cute but more importantly not a fire hazard.  Then a little sanding to rough up the shiny finish. 


And a little primer to get her ready for her new color!


And now for the color…  Shiny orange!  Now that’s a punch!


Now to make this baby light up again.  I purchased a new light kit from the hardware store.  The directions are on the back of the package, but it’s super simple!

014 016

Screw the bottom of the socket on the new neck of the lamp.


Run the cord up through the rod of the lamp.  Split the cord. Attach the two wires to the two separate screws – it doesn’t matter which one to which one.  Just make sure you get the wire tight around the screws.


Then just push it all down and put on the sleeve and voila – you should have LIGHT!


I love the splash of orange against the turquoise wall in the den!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

P-Dub was here!!

Yes the Pioneer Woman made her appearance in our lovely city! The scene was at Joseph Beth’s bookstore @ Southpark. The fans were out in full force! Ladies everywhere with the cameras, babies and wedge shoes.

pioneer woman 003pioneer woman 005

The event started at 6 pm Friday evening and sweet Ree was still signing books til past 10 o’clock at night! Even so she was super sweet and gracious with each person that came to her table.

pioneer woman 009

That’s PW taking my picture… Think she’ll post it??? Yeah right!

Look she’s saying hello! Well hi there!!

pioneer woman 016

I was finally able to get the beautiful cookbook she wrote and had the perfect opportunity to get Mom one for Mother’s Day!! I mean check out this lovely cookbook…

pioneer woman 020 pioneer woman 019

Well we’re getting close…

pioneer woman 024

We made it!!

pioneer woman 033

pioneer woman 032

Here I am giving her some kind of enthralling information. I think from her face she’s thinking… wow this girl’s a little kooky!

pioneer woman 031

Doesn’t it look like we could be such good pals!

She’s a super sweet – down to earth girl! It was so fun to meet her and the waiting around was pretty fun too. I met some really nice peeps. I had a lovely conversation with Leslie – a chocolatier here in NC. She brought PW some chocolates – lucky girl! Check out Leslie’s website here.

I really wanted to invite Ree over to the Lodge from some late night grub but I was chicken! I think she would have felt right at home with all the animals on the wall. And they have been known to have some “interesting” meats to serve up – although probably not any calves nuts.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Upcoming project…

Well it’s time to get to work on a decorating project – It’s been too long! The room in question… the bathroom. This is one of the only spaces in the house that has not been transformed more than once since we moved in.

Here’s a little reminder of what it looked like when we bought the house…

And the now…

So – moving on to the “planning” stage. I was having a hard time deciding on a direction for the color scheme in the “new & improved” bathroom. Until I checked out this post from Kate @ Centsational Girl about the color combo Orange & Blue. And I said PERFECTION!!

I mean look at some of these inspiration photos she gave…

Massucco Warner Miller

Southern Living

Just seeing this inspiration pictures compared to the current bathroom gets me super excited about freshening up this space!!

I have spent a good portion of the day finding the shower curtain, which I had painted a picture in my head of what I wanted and boy was it challenging finding what I wanted but SUCCESS!!

My sweet friend is coming over this weekend to help me get this room in shape! So I will hopefully have some pictures of our progress after Sunday!

Are you working on any new projects? Is there a space in your home that has been neglected and needs a refresh?? Do tell!