Sunday, May 9, 2010

P-Dub was here!!

Yes the Pioneer Woman made her appearance in our lovely city! The scene was at Joseph Beth’s bookstore @ Southpark. The fans were out in full force! Ladies everywhere with the cameras, babies and wedge shoes.

pioneer woman 003pioneer woman 005

The event started at 6 pm Friday evening and sweet Ree was still signing books til past 10 o’clock at night! Even so she was super sweet and gracious with each person that came to her table.

pioneer woman 009

That’s PW taking my picture… Think she’ll post it??? Yeah right!

Look she’s saying hello! Well hi there!!

pioneer woman 016

I was finally able to get the beautiful cookbook she wrote and had the perfect opportunity to get Mom one for Mother’s Day!! I mean check out this lovely cookbook…

pioneer woman 020 pioneer woman 019

Well we’re getting close…

pioneer woman 024

We made it!!

pioneer woman 033

pioneer woman 032

Here I am giving her some kind of enthralling information. I think from her face she’s thinking… wow this girl’s a little kooky!

pioneer woman 031

Doesn’t it look like we could be such good pals!

She’s a super sweet – down to earth girl! It was so fun to meet her and the waiting around was pretty fun too. I met some really nice peeps. I had a lovely conversation with Leslie – a chocolatier here in NC. She brought PW some chocolates – lucky girl! Check out Leslie’s website here.

I really wanted to invite Ree over to the Lodge from some late night grub but I was chicken! I think she would have felt right at home with all the animals on the wall. And they have been known to have some “interesting” meats to serve up – although probably not any calves nuts.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I am so jealous. I have been in love with her since you made that onion roll dish you made at the beach.


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