Friday, May 14, 2010

And then there was light…

This little lamp was in my bedroom growing up.  And I’m a few years over 20 – so I think this piece is totally vintage!  And of course – it was FREE!  So that being said since it’s a few days past it’s prime and it’s time to give her a little re-do.

So to start out…   I removed the socket.  With all of our vintage finds it’s important to make sure your items are cute but more importantly not a fire hazard.  Then a little sanding to rough up the shiny finish. 


And a little primer to get her ready for her new color!


And now for the color…  Shiny orange!  Now that’s a punch!


Now to make this baby light up again.  I purchased a new light kit from the hardware store.  The directions are on the back of the package, but it’s super simple!

014 016

Screw the bottom of the socket on the new neck of the lamp.


Run the cord up through the rod of the lamp.  Split the cord. Attach the two wires to the two separate screws – it doesn’t matter which one to which one.  Just make sure you get the wire tight around the screws.


Then just push it all down and put on the sleeve and voila – you should have LIGHT!


I love the splash of orange against the turquoise wall in the den!


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