Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 3

We’re in week 3 of the Photo Challenge with Ten June


This photo challenge really has me thinking outside the box and trying things I’ve been wanting to do for a while now but without a specific motivation it hasn’t happened!  So yippee – I’m trying to work on my photography skills and y’all are the suckers stuck checking them out.  I love a baited audience! 

This week I had a lot of fun with the editing via Picnik.  I told ya last week but I’m going to say it again. You must go play with the editing tools via Picnik!  So fun!  I thought it’d be fun to see the SOC (straight-out-of-camera) along side the final edited picture.



Used the “black & white” edit and brightened up Annie’s coat a bit and cropped to bring more focus to the eyes



“Focal black & white” with some “boost” added afterwards



All the sunlight rays were in the original shot.  Used “cross process” & “vignette” for edit



“1960’s” edit style



“Orto-nish” & “vignette” edit


So which one is your favorite?  Have you been taking any pictures lately – well if your answer is yes you better get over to Picnik and play with some editing features!  ☺ And don’t forget to link up to Michelle’s Party!

Check out Photo Challenge Week 1 & Week 2


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 2

Well it’s already time again for the Ten June PHOTO CHALLENGE!!  But first make sure you checked out my submissions for week 1 Photo_Challenge_Button

We’re on week 2 of the assignment – and I have to say I’m enjoying this!  I’m having fun with the actual picture taking but also having fun with editing.  I’ve wanted PhotoShop for a long time but just can’t make the very hefty plunge to purchase it!  So I’ve been playing with Picnik and I have to say I’m enjoying it.  I did sign up for the premium membership ($25 / year) which if you’re going to use it I think makes it totally worth it!  But anyhoo…  on to this week’s shots:


Day 8 – a bad habit (oh so bad…)


Day 9 – Someone I love – the super cute mug – wuv ‘em


Day 10 – A childhood memory – my Granddaddy’s pipe


Day 11: Something blue – Blue Moon that is – YUM!


Day 12 – Sunset – courtesy of an amazing weekend @ Ocean Isle Beach


Day 13 – Me with 13 things

Some fun shots!  I told ya I love playing with the editing!  So are you joining up over at Ten June??  I think you should!!  No pressure if you didn’t get all 7 shots – share what ya got!

Birchbox Numero Uno!

Well….  I received my first Birchbox this week!!  I’ve been super excited to get this in the mail ever since I signed up last month.  Kate over @ It’s the Small Things introduced me to this super cool company.  You sign up for $10/month and they send you a box of “goodies” each month with all kinds of different hair care, skin care, cosmetics, or perfumes!

Here’s this month’s box – and oh b.t.w.  you don’t always get the same items in your box as someone else for example you can see what Kate got in her box this month here.


Cute presentation right?!?!  Hey what can I say I’m a designer peeps – the wrapping is almost as important as the present!!

DSC_9007    DSC_9011

                       Ahava Foot Cream                        blinc mascara – super cool concept


Lash Card – use this not to get mascara anywhere but your lashes.  Seems a bit excessive to me – not sure I’ll see myself using this.


Pandea Organic Facial Scrub & Ouidad Humidity Gel

My overall impression of this month’s box: some good picks and some not so much picks.  But I kind of think that’s the general idea – and I’m cool with that!! If you would like to sign up for your very own Birchbox just click here!

You know I love me some packages!  Have you gotten anything fun in the mail recently??  Do tell!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo Challenge–Week 1

Sweet Michelle over @ Ten June is hosting a Photo Challenge


Here’s the run down on the challenge:  Every day you take a picture – well at least after 7 days have your pictures ready to post (can’t say I’m great at doing one a day.)  Truthfully I didn’t necessarily set out to take each picture this week for the category but it just worked out that pictures that I did take this week fit into the category!  So this is super easy to join along and work on your photography skillz!  Hop on the band wagon!  She’s actually got a linky party going on each Wednesday to check out everyone’s progress!!

Here’s the list of photos to take:


You can see she “borrowed” this list from Kristi James Photography – check out her site here.

So see how I did this week:


Self – Portrait @ the Panther game with my main squeeze!


What you wore – playing with reflection




Something Green – a little something from our CSA share


From a high angle – foyer in the March of Dimes Showhouse


From a low angle – well relatively low – we are in the “cheap seats” but compared to the skyscrapers of the Queen City it’s low ☺


Fruit – some more bounty from our CSA share

I’m really enjoying this challenge…  hoping to work on my creativity a bit more this next week…  We’ll see if I step up to the challenge!  Come join the fun!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

MoD Showhouse 2011

This past weekend a friend and I went to check out the March of Dimes Showhouse in Foxcroft – near the Mint Museum.  There are many great designers represented at the house.  The house itself is HUGE – I believe over 10,000 square feet – 4 to 5 living spaces, 5-6 bedrooms, plus a nanny suite, pool, elevator = super SNAZZY!

DSC_8992 - Copy

Let me share some of my favorite spaces:

The Dining Room:

DSC_8947 - CopyDSC_8948 - CopyDSC_8950 - CopyDSC_8951 - Copy

Design by:  Mrs. Howard

A beautiful elegant Dining Room with creams, whites and greys.  I really like the traditional window treatments with a modern touch of box pleat trim on the leading edges of each panel.  You can check out more before and after’s on their blog.


DSC_8953 - Copy

Design by:  Barrie Benson Interior Design

I loved this room! The wall treatment was to die for!  It was one of those colors that one minute you think it’s blue, then brown, then gray and a gorgeous sheen on top.  I loved the combinations of furnishings.  A funky mixture but still so chic!  LURVE!

Back Porch:

DSC_8957 - Copy      DSC_8962 - CopyDSC_8955

DSC_8961 - Copy      DSC_8960 - Copy

Design by:  B. D. Jefferies

They did a wonderful job of combining natural textures.  Such a welcoming space that I would love to curl up in front of the fire on a cool crisp fall evening!  Oh and did you check out the sunburst mirror made out of fence pickets?  Too cute!

Master Suite and Sitting Room:

DSC_8963 - Copy

DSC_8967 - Copy

Design by:  Luxe Home Couture  &  Aida Interiors

Bedroom Suite 3

DSC_8969 - CopyDSC_8970DSC_8971DSC_8972DSC_8973

Design by: Lisa Sherry Interieurs


Sitting Room


Design by:  Lucy & Co

I have loved Lucy & Co back in the days when she was over on Commonwealth in Plaza Midwood.  They do amazing work!  If you haven’t ever visited the shop or checked out their blog or website – it’s a must!  And they didn’t disappoint at the showhouse either.   

Bedroom Suite 4



Design by:  Isabella

This room was light and airy and so inviting!  A beautiful combination of old and new.  Fellow Charlotte blogger Byrn Alexandra works at Isabella and has been telling us a little bit about their design process here.


Overall a beautifully designed home.  Oh and it’s for sale and I’m sure all the designers would be more than happy to sell it furnished!  There’s still a chance to check out all the lovelies LIVE and in PERSON next weekend!  And it’s for a good cause – so go on over and let me know what your favorite spaces are!