Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo Challenge–Week 1

Sweet Michelle over @ Ten June is hosting a Photo Challenge


Here’s the run down on the challenge:  Every day you take a picture – well at least after 7 days have your pictures ready to post (can’t say I’m great at doing one a day.)  Truthfully I didn’t necessarily set out to take each picture this week for the category but it just worked out that pictures that I did take this week fit into the category!  So this is super easy to join along and work on your photography skillz!  Hop on the band wagon!  She’s actually got a linky party going on each Wednesday to check out everyone’s progress!!

Here’s the list of photos to take:


You can see she “borrowed” this list from Kristi James Photography – check out her site here.

So see how I did this week:


Self – Portrait @ the Panther game with my main squeeze!


What you wore – playing with reflection




Something Green – a little something from our CSA share


From a high angle – foyer in the March of Dimes Showhouse


From a low angle – well relatively low – we are in the “cheap seats” but compared to the skyscrapers of the Queen City it’s low ☺


Fruit – some more bounty from our CSA share

I’m really enjoying this challenge…  hoping to work on my creativity a bit more this next week…  We’ll see if I step up to the challenge!  Come join the fun!!


  1. Ooh this is going to be fun. I have been wanting to start an art journal and this is a good way to get started. thanks for the heads up. M.

  2. I love your apple shot! I did one like that as well during my experimental fruit shots! Fun. Nice pics! Dawn @ Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith

  3. Great job with your photos, Katy! I love the reflection shot! And the clouds- just gorgeous. Oh wait and the skyline picture... obviously I can't choose my favorite- you really did a fabulous job! : )

    Hope you link up tomorrow with week two (days 8-14) of the challenge! xo


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