Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 2

Well it’s already time again for the Ten June PHOTO CHALLENGE!!  But first make sure you checked out my submissions for week 1 Photo_Challenge_Button

We’re on week 2 of the assignment – and I have to say I’m enjoying this!  I’m having fun with the actual picture taking but also having fun with editing.  I’ve wanted PhotoShop for a long time but just can’t make the very hefty plunge to purchase it!  So I’ve been playing with Picnik and I have to say I’m enjoying it.  I did sign up for the premium membership ($25 / year) which if you’re going to use it I think makes it totally worth it!  But anyhoo…  on to this week’s shots:


Day 8 – a bad habit (oh so bad…)


Day 9 – Someone I love – the super cute mug – wuv ‘em


Day 10 – A childhood memory – my Granddaddy’s pipe


Day 11: Something blue – Blue Moon that is – YUM!


Day 12 – Sunset – courtesy of an amazing weekend @ Ocean Isle Beach


Day 13 – Me with 13 things

Some fun shots!  I told ya I love playing with the editing!  So are you joining up over at Ten June??  I think you should!!  No pressure if you didn’t get all 7 shots – share what ya got!

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  1. You are so talented! Your Sunset shot is gorgeous and I love your Something Blue, so clever!

    Happy Thursday :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven


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