Friday, May 25, 2012

To Market To Market...

We finally pulled the trigger and put the house on the market!!

After much consideration (aka: lots of projects), with the little one on the way and the market being more of a buyer's market, we are trying to get on the other side of the house market fence - the buyer's side.  If we are able to sell, we will be able to get in a neighborhood that we normally wouldn't be able to afford.  So putting the house on the market is a bit of an experiment.  If we sell, we'll know that it's meant to be AND if we don't - we trust in God's plan and know that it's not the time.


The sign has been in the yard for 2 weeks now and we've gotten some action.  I think we've had 5 different showings.  The feedback we've gotten so far is all pretty expected. {"Clients like it but concerned about one  bath" ~ "Cute house but a little small"} Our house is super cute (in my humble opinion) but it's got some challenges...  1 bathroom being the biggest one.  But it also has some features other homes in our price point don't have - {laundry room, mud room, renovated bath}.

We are asking $119k - can you believe that with interest rates where they are these days the house payment would only be $657.00!!  You cannot find a place to rent for the kind of $$ - some people have car payments that are close to that!  So who wouldn't want to buy a super cute house for so little!??!!?  (do you like the way I'm talking myself into this??)

You can check out the MLS listing here...  

Anyone need a super cute house close to center city Charlotte?!?!?

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