Friday, July 29, 2011

Just keep working, working, working, working...

sing that title to Dory's cute song from Finding Nemo - ok now on to the content...

                                                         image from here - hello super cute to-do pads!  Yes, please!

I have been working really hard around the house the past couple weeks.  All blog worthy activities.  Have I blogged about any of them?  Nope.  Sad but true.  It's funny.  I'm always thinking about what to blog about, especially when I don't have any actual projects going on.  But then I have tons of projects going on and then neglect to blog about them.  Seems rather weird logic.

The list is pretty detailed:

Clean out closets    •     Organize Attic      •     Add additional flooring to attic     •     Paint Hallway    •    Hang new mirror    •      Touch up trim paint throughout    •   Re-paint kitchen countertops    •  Trim boxwoods & vine    •    Put out mulch or pinestraw   •  Clean out gutters    •   Get deck rebuilt    •  De-clutter accessories    •  Re-arrange  guest room     •   Re-organize laundry room   •   Hang light fixture in mud room  •  Get said light fixture   •   Figure out something for center of dining room table

It's a lot right!   After reading that list you may have an idea what's going on - and why all those things need to be done...   Yep - you guessed it.  We're going to put the house on the market!?!?!?!  YIKES!

We've done a lot of discussing and just feel like it's the right time to see if we can sell our current super sweet, uber cute casa and up-grade to a bit larger (i.e. TWO bathroom) hacienda.  It's all a bit of a rollercoaster ride.  We may not be able to get what we want for our current abode, and if that's the case we'll stay put.  The good news is that we have that flexibility.  We don't have to sell.  But like our real estate agent said, "if you can get on the other side of the fence - the buyer side - you're golden!" 

So we're going to see if we can...  And I'm going to update you guys on all the happenings around the house that have been keeping me busy!  And poor Joe.  Boy, how he loves a "honey-do" list.

What's going on in your world?  Any advice for a first time Seller?  All tips mucho appreciated!!


  1. Warm cookies and cold bottled water on counter everytime you have a showing. Nat


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