Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Carolina Reds"

This is my brother. Holding a fish. Sticking his tongue out. He loves to fish. If you couldn't tell!

I've never completely understood his love for fishing. Me - I've always been more of a girly girl. (Which truthfully I think he's found annoying over the years.) I'm more about lounging on a float than I am reeling in the big one. But fishing is his thing!

My brother and his family have recently moved down to Charleston SC and they are loving the Lowcountry life! And what's not to love?? It's gorgeous countryside, amazing history, and lots of fun things to do!

But I think the #1 on my brother's list of "Why live in Charleston" would be the fishing. More specifically the red fishing. With his fishing has come an unlikely but super cool event... He has been featured in a documentary that follows three anglers across the marshes of the South Carolina Low Country. Check out the trailer!! After just seeing this little bit of the film - I'm beginning to understand this "love" my brother has! Check out the write up in Garden & Gun. (yes that is the name of a magazine published here in the South.)

I am super excited to go to see the full film along with 10 other fly fishing documentaries when it comes to town on March 17th. To see if they are Fly Fishing Film tour is making a stop near you - check this out. The films locale range from Alaska to Australia, but I have to say I'll be waiting for the one filmed in our neck of the woods.

So if you happen to attend the Charlotte screening and you hear some crazy woman squealing - that will be me! What?!?! It's my big brother - it's pretty cool!!

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