Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be our guest...

Sorry for the delay in our tour. Funny how life gets in the way of blogging!

So here's our guest room. I don't have a before on this one so we'll just be seeing the present.

I wanted the walls in this room to be the color of a Tiffany box. I think we hit the nail on the head!

The room consists of a good many "hand-me-downs." The iron bed has been in the family for years. One of the side tables is actually my sewing machine, you know the old school kind that's set-in a table. The dressing table was in my bedroom growing up. My mom surprised me a few years ago by having it re-finished. The dresser (which I neglected to photograph) is from Joe's room growing up. We've painted it and replace knobs, etc.

The artwork is done by moi. Yes such talent. I saw an ad in a magazines years ago that had a piece of artwork very similar. And once again, I thought I could do something similar myself!

I actually used the wall paint for the blue so it would go nicely. The brown paint was left over paint from the first color we painted the living room. The canvas was given to me by my mom. So Artwork = $0.00 Love it!!
Once I had decided on the wall color I wanted a punch of color and pattern so off we went to the fabric store. And this is what we found.
I wanted to do one long continuous pillow. So since the fabric was 54" wide, we used that for our width and then a half yard of fabric and we had a super cute accent pillow. We used an old white sheet (actually a hand me down sheet from my grandparents - it's so soft) for the back of the pillow and existing stuffing from old throw pillow and ta-da!! Accent pillow $15.00! And just so I give props where props are due - Joe did the sewing on this bessy! He's much better with the sewing machine than I am. Sad but true!

And there you have it. Our little guest suite for the very few over night guests we entertain.
So who wants to come spend the night??? Joe will make us a mean breakfast in the a.m.!!

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