Friday, March 19, 2010


I cannot believe this!!! Ellie has turned 5 years old. You all know what this means... I'm getting old. I really don't know how this happened! I mean wasn't she just born... Wasn't it just yesterday when she was wee one in our arms?? But alas it is back to reality. She is a five year old now. Growing faster than a weed - her personality coming through more and more. She a precious sweet girl!

So Uncle Joe and I took Ms. Elle-belle out for dinner the night before her birthday. We thought it would be fun to experience Ellie's first time at a Japanese Steakhouse. And boy was it! And of course after dinner we had to get some celebratory ice cream!
And ice cream makes us happy....

REAL happy
Ellie went with cotton candy with sprinkles. Hey it's all the range with the 5 year old's!

Uncle Joe went with dark chocolate with m&m's and chocolate sprinkles. I guess that's all the rage with the 5+30 year old's.
We had an amazing time! Happy Birthday sweet girl - Enjoy every day of year 5!!
Check out Ellie's super cool birthday party here.

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  1. Ahhh, precious! She had so much fun and just FYI I want Japenese and ice cream at my birthday too:)


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