Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ladies Luncheon

This past Sunday, my friend Shannon, had a special guest in town. Erica (see below with the popped collar) was in town for a long weekend. They had a most lovely weekend!! Art class on Saturday morning, brunch at the Flying Biscuit, Farmer's Market for soap shopping, dinner on the town @ 300 East and drinks out on St. Patty's Weekend - where else but the Gin Mill. But on her last day in town, Shannon showed her some true southern hospitality with a "Ladies Luncheon" at the casa.

What a lovely group of ladies!

What's a ladies luncheon without a little vino? BTW I highly recommend you make a run to Trader Joe's for some wine buying! There are some really great wines for amazing prices!! This Riesling was very nice! We had some really nice Lambrusco as well!

photo courtesy of here
And then there was the main course... Spaghetti and meatballs. (You need to make sure you are saying that with an Italian accent!) Now these weren't just any meatballs. No these were homemade by the guest of honor. And they were DELISH!

Check out the bubbly goodness on the stove! I know your tummy is grumbling!
Now a little tag team on the pasta. Nice work ladies!

Add a smidgen of this - a dab of butter - a pinch of that. And viola! Lunch is served!

Looks good enough to EAT!

And oh, was it!

So glad I got to spend some time with you ladies! Come back soon ERICA!!
**edited to note - did Erica look a little familiar to you?? Well you have probably seen her on TV! Yes I know it's super cool. She has a recurring role on Law & Order SVU. She also was recently on "The Good Wife." Yes you google her name and she is all over the place! Shows on broadway, etc! She has her own page on the "internet movie database" - I mean HELLO?!?! ok just wanted y'all to know I was cool by association on Sunday. It doesn't happen often!**

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