Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bright Lights, Big Screen


I’m a little late in telling y’all about the fun time we had going to the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  Look – it’s for real – it’s on the marquee!  The films were awesome!  The family was a little excited to see one of “us” on the big screen.  There **may** have been some hollering when we saw my brother’s cute mug on the screen.  And heard his silly “WOOHOO” in the background.

Disclaimer: This may sound completely weird, but you just have to see the film

I have to say my favorite line was… “I don’t know why it’s addictive, it just is.  Ask a crack head why crack’s addictive, he can’t tell you.  It’s like red crack.”   My brother, so eloquent.  Now y’all know where I get my stellar story telling skills!

(If you didn’t see the original post check it out here.  There’s a link to Carolina Reds film trailer.)

So after watching movies about fishing – it made us hungry, not so much for salmon or tuna but for SWEETS!!!


There is this super sweet (no pun intended, well maybe it is) bakery in NoDa that we made our way over to.  It’s a French bakery open 24 hours a day!!  That’s right any time of day your sweet tooth gets a hankering make your way over to Amelie’s!! 


Amelie’s is Aaamazing!!


Salted Caramel Brownie!!  Yes my eyes just rolled in the back of my head and I believe I may have swooned.  You have to go and try it!!


Desserts make us happy!! And the coffee probably helped too!!  Sugar and caffeine, who could ask for more!


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