Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

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We are working on getting the finishing touches done for our mission trip to Honduras.  I love the way the timing has worked out for the trip to be at Easter.  This time of year always brings me closer to my Lord.  It’s a time of renewal.  A time of reflection.  A time to try, as best as our human minds can, comprehend the amazing gift the Lord gave us with his son.  We have been studying 24 Hours the Changed the World, by Adam Hamilton during the season of Lent.  It’s an amazing book – I highly recommend it!  I have really enjoyed the insight of Jesus’ last 24 hours before his crucifixion. 

I pray that you have had a blessed Lenten season, and that your Easter will be a time to reflect on the love of our Lord, that gave his one and ONLY son so that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life. Thank you Lord!  I love you!

Please pray for us during our Mission Trip.  Pray for our team, pray for the children, and pray that we will be a reflection of Jesus to these children.

Thank you and God bless!!!

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