Tuesday, April 20, 2010

100th post

Well we’ve made it to a 100 posts!  And to celebrate this little milestone, we’re having our first giveaway!  I thought we could spread a little Honduran love with some very yummy coffee.  And I’m a big fan of drinking my coffee out of an insulated cup, so a new cup to go with your cafe!

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So here’s how to get you some goodies…

1.  Post a comment – how do you like your coffee?  Black? A little coffee with your cream and sugar??

2.  Get another chance to win if you post on your blog about the giveaway

3.  And another chance to win if you subscribe to eat, drink & decorate

Drawing is open until Saturday April 24th midnight.  Drawing will be at random. 

Ok go!


  1. I like my coffee with 1 sweet-n-low packet (don't go to McDonalds, they only have the blue stuff--YUCK) and a small amount of coffeemate. YUMMY!!!
    Congratulations for the 100th edition....
    They get better every time....
    Love ya, MOM

  2. I like my coffee with a little cream only. French Vanilla and Hazlenut would be my favorites, but I also just like the plain stuff. Congrats on # 100!! Awesome!

  3. Oh, my.
    I hope no one thinks I stacked ballots. Thanks so much. I love the coffee. But, I love my baby doll more than anything (well, her brother shares the more than anything, too.)

    I will enjoy the coffee and the mug. Thanks for mentioning my blog. I still have to get some pictures on it.

    love MOM


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