Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bursting with style

My friend Amber, was recently asking about ways to brighten up her space.  A couple ideas were tossed around – but mirrors were one of the top options of being a great way to bring light into the a space.  It made me think of all the different Sunburst mirrors in blog land that people have come up with that cheap and easy.  (I think it’s ok to call a mirror cheap and easy – but don’t do it about a friend m‘kay?)

So I thought I’d share a couple with you…

Love the large scale size of this one

Janelle @ Isabella & Max Roomstutorial here

Love this one made with wood shims!  Genius!!

Kristi @ Addicted 2 DecoratingTutorial here

Alison used a mirror that is just like the one in our Living Room as an inspiration.

Alison @ My Little Happy Placetutorial here

Love this one with the use of automotive mirrors

Allison’s project was featured on Apartment Therapy

Don’t you just love blog land!!!  So many good ideas and projects to create.  Have you worked on anything fun recently.  I have been a major slacker in the DIY department.  I have made a little progress in the dining room.  I’ve *found* the fabric for the window treatments.  I’ll explain later on what *found* means!

Happy project hunting!!

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  1. Great roundup of mirrors! I just got one from Hobby Lobby the other day for a steal!


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