Monday, September 17, 2012

Change of Address...

With the recent move I knew I wanted to send out "Change of Address" cards.  Even though I know no one seems to use "snail" mail anymore there's something about getting a note in your mailbox.  And I want to make sure everyone knows how to find our mailbox!!  I can't miss out on Christmas cards this year, right!??!  So anyhoo... I was on the hunt for an inexpensive option.  Oh and of course cute.  

I went to my best friend a.k.a. Pinterest and started doing a little research.  I found this super cute link to a free printable.

Loved the image!  Also loved the colors but knew it would be more expensive to go with a color option and putting it in an envelope would also add to the cost (stamp and envelope).  So I decided to go the black/white post card route.  I used the image from the printable and put into a gray-scale image.  

Then for backside of the postcard I cropped the suitcases for a repetition of the theme, added our return address and a spot to fill out.

I made the document in Microsoft Publisher and sent it to OfficeMax to be printed.  They used a #110 paper in cream and then they cut into 4 postcards.  The total for the printing, cutting and paper was $4.42!!  Bargain!  Of course stamps added to my endeavor but totally worth it.

Yours should be in the mail - don't forget to update your address book so I get your uber cute Christmas card!!

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