Saturday, June 8, 2013

Two Little Monkey’s Photography


My first Mother’s Day and Isaac’s 6 month birthday fell almost on the say day so when I saw Samantha was doing a special for Mother’s Day, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to have our first photo shoot.


The Saturday before Mother’s Day Samantha from Two Little Monkey’s Photography came out to the house to have our session.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, Isaac was in a good mood and Mama was having a good hair day = PERFECTION!  All the things needed for a good photo shoot – well and a talented photographer – so needless to say we were ready!!


As you all know Isaac is a happy baby and the smiles were just a coming!  Samantha was very laid back and just let us play while she watched through her lens.  The only challenge was Isaac wanted to watch her instead of me!  I was very happy with the shots we captured and there’s no doubt I will cherish them forever! 




Check out some more of Samantha’s work on her blog.  Also she’s running a Summer special if you need to capture some special moments!

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