Monday, July 8, 2013

7 months old

Seven month olds…  this little guy is.  Say what?!?!  SEVEN months.  Yep.

Isaac is such a sweet happy easy going baby. He’s curious and loves to be in the center of what ever is going on. We've had some exciting times this past month:  Celebrated our first Father's Day.  Met all kinds of family at Grandmom's birthday party.  Had his first surgical procedure - had to go under anesthesia.  Had his first boat ride along with getting in the lake.  So much fun!!!

He's eating like a champ - already starting eating solids and taking a sippy cup at school.  We've been dealing with a rash on his cheeks which is from all the drool but no sign of a tooth yet??!?!?  He's scooting really well and so close to getting up on those knees and crawling.

Such a happy boy!





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  1. do you think the rash could be from crawling on the carpet too? i remember lucas would get that.


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