Thursday, August 11, 2011

Picture, picture on the wall…

I’ve been adding some artwork in the house and thought I’d share with ya…

A couple months back, I was checking out YHL’s hallway – o –art, and fell in love with the artwork from Katie Daisy via her Etsy shop


She’s an artist right from right around these parts – in Asheville NC.  So I picked up one piece for my sweet cousin’s B-Day present and one for me!

DSC_7645     DSC_7648

My cousin, Elizabeth, loves the ocean and is at home most when she is near the ocean.  This piece spoke to me immediately for her.  A lovely quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

And then when I saw this ampersand – I fell in love.  I love graphic art, but this piece is more than just graphic.  The way she illustrated this just makes me happy.  And I love the ‘implication” it gives.  me & you. It’s a perfect piece for our bedroom.

DSC_8652     DSC_8653DSC_8654

And now for our other addition.  My mom was so sweet and gave us a watercolor of our home.  She did such a beautiful job!  I love the feel of the piece.  It’s light and airy but still with realistic perspective.  A piece we will always treasure!


This is a good side by side perspective.


Lovely, right!  And she even got Annie in there!


I hung the piece in the hallway – it looks great on the new wall color!


If you would like to have my mom do a watercolor rendering of your home, let me know!!  It makes a wonderful gift or memento for yourself!

Have you gotten any other artwork recently?  Any favorite artists out there or a favorite Etsy shop?  Would love to hear about it!


  1. I love all of the artwork! How special to have a picture of your first home painted by good ole mom!

  2. Is Mom really old?
    Thanks for the lovely comments in the post. Mom

  3. I'd love her to do one of our house. Who do I have to know to make this happen ;)

  4. Right now, I'm enamored with Carla Sonheim and her whimsy, no rules approach to art. I've been taking her online classes this month and lovin'em! She has some sweet things on Etsy too.


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