Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pin your Interest

So I know this has been all over blogland but I feel like a few of my peeps a.k.a. readers may not be all up in blogland and they may enjoy learning about this wonder phenomenon known as Pinterest.  Now I will admit I was totally pronouncing this all wrong initially.  It’s like “interest” with a “P” = Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a site you can use to catalog all the wonderful things you see on the web.  Whether it’s recipes, design ideas, projects to make, outfits that inspire, birthday wish lists and the list could go on and on.

Remember back in the day when you would get a magazine and you’d pull out the page with whatever wonderful idea was on it.  You’d put in a stack to “file” in your “idea file.”  Well Pinterest is just that but digitally. You add this snazzy little button on your internet toolbar and any time you’re on a website where you want to catalog that image – you click on “pinterest.”  It will pull up every image on that page and you decide which one you want to pin.  Now where this is even more exciting…  it automatically links that image to the url address.  So when you want to go back and make those super yummy looking cookies, you go to your “food” board, click on the image and voila!  Your back at that site with the recipe.  Each pin you can notate as you like so you’ll know exactly why you pinned it!


So let me show you what I’ve been pinning recently…

Inspiring Spaces:

53795810_KdKSjgoM_b     70951025_4f0B7aIO_b

Projects to do:

120004938_GWmFsr4N_b      53783949_93pxHAAz_b

Yummy things to cook:

120355494_DGqfepnq_b     119578587_WqSFmmwk_b

Pretty things to buy:

122785419_O0Itr8kk_b     122773137_ySRYzTvz_b

Funky ideas:


Please click on the picture to take you to the original source

I’m telling you Pinterest is addictive and productive ALL at the same time!  You must check it out.  Oh and by the way you need an “invite” to get an account.  So let me know if you want to join with me in my addiction!

Oh and we can follow each other’s boards too!  Follow me here!  Do you already have an account?  I’d love to follow you.

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  1. Man, have I been out of touch! This is the first time I've heard about it. Thanks. And Yes! I'd like an invite:)


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