Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mail ♥ Packages

I got a super exciting package in the mail…


It's the Garmin 210 - GPS Forerunner

You're probably thinking, "Katy, what does this watch have to do with eating, drinking or decorating??"  Well nothing really...  but I haven't really been keeping y'all in the loop on what I've gotten myself into.  Wait for it...  a HALF marathon!  What!?!?  Am I mad?  Crazy?  Overzealous?  Well maybe.  No probably.  Okay – YES!

I told y'all about a 5K I did last November and ever since then I have been slowly but surely trying this running thing again.  The longest race I've ever done is the Cooper Bridge 10K Run earlier this year.

Cooper Bridge Run

Cooper Bridge Run 2011 - Daina, Natalie & Me

I've also done a 4 miler a couple months ago and then we did an obstacle race that was a lot of fun.  But HARD!! 228946_2181934863420_1098410735_2751852_4477675_n

Team Headstrong - Jump & Run 2011 - Kim, Elizabeth, Natalie & Me

So back to the exciting package in the mail.  I have been really wanting this GPS watch for running.  It's a great tool to have when training.  It keeps up with your pace, your route, heart rate and more!  It almost runs for you but not quite.  The only challenge was this watch ain't cheap - people!  Typically it retails for $299 but I found an awesome deal on Amazon for $185 and then I did a little bartering with a client so he put $140 towards the watch.  So for $45 I have a GPS watch!!  YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!  I hit the pavement this morning with my new toy and ENJOYED watching the progress of my 5 mile run.  After your run you hook up the watch to your computer and it uploads all your data and stores your runs:


Fullscreen capture 9102011 95034 AM.bmp

It will be so nice to see my progress and keep up with my training.

Are you a gadget girl like me?  What are some of your favorite gadgets?  Any other runners out there?  Do tell!

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  1. Yeah Katy! Happy training! I'm ready to start jogging again now that I've lost some weight! I'm excited about it! Love you! Hollace


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