Monday, March 5, 2012

Some updates

Well Lord knows y’all need some updates since I can’t seem to write a blog post recently to save my soul!

Today I happen to click over to the “Look Around” page on this little ol’ blog of mine and noticed that I’ve made some updates to the hizzy and haven’t let y’all in the loop! 

And before we go any further, I just need to say it’s hard to be a fulltime-working-another-job-than-blogging photographer.  {did you follow that?}  That is to say it’s difficult to get good pictures when the sun is on it’s way to sleepy time.  So until day light savings time changes next week {YAY!!}– these pics will have to do…  please excuse any harsh sunlight you may see!

We’ll start in the living room…  as of right this minute this is the picture on the “Look Around” page:


So a few changes in here:

New drapes

Layered rug on rug
New Chair &  reupholstered Different cocktail table
New Lamps Desk area added
Accessory Changes New throw pillows


I’m really enjoying the kind of “layered” feel that‘s working in here.  Of course there are tweaks to be made…  I need to raise the drapes (and actually sew them), etc. But I like the addition of the white touches that bring a little lightness to the room as well.

Dining Room:

I know we’ve talked about this room a lot…  and you probably felt like it wasn’t getting any action, but I have made some changes although there’s still more to do!


Changes in here:


Still hoping to get my chairs done…  do you remember?!?  But I’m still on the fence on color.  Loving the drapes and the rug although a rug with white probably wasn’t the best choice for the high traffic area it’s in but you only live once, right??

Master Bedroom:

Just a few little touches in this room…


Updated Pillows New Lamps


The lamps in this space we’re too small so on a lunch shopping trip @ TJ Maxx I found these lovely grey ginger jar-esque.  I moved the lamps out to the Living room (you can see in the above picture.)  I also found the black pillows at one of my other favorite stores – HomeGoods.  They are perfect…  the little nobbies on the pillows are grey, pink, and gold.  I took the existing pink pillow and had my mom cut it down and sew it to fit an existing filler.  Then I took it to L & M Monogramming and had the snazzy “L” embroidered on.


One last update…

I alluded to this a long time ago but never officially updated you guys on the hallway..  I painted it the same color as the living to brighten it up a bit.  I added a mirror from IKEA, which I am loving!  It’s so nice to have a full length mirror to see your outfits in and it totally opens up the space as well!  DUAL purpose – Love it!


So that about does it for changes around here…  what have you been working on lately??

I’m off to update the “Look Around” page ☺

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