Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dining Inspiration

As you may remember, I have been trying to figure out what I’m going to do in our Dining Room.  We’ve been talking about this for a while here and here. So I have been scouring my favorite website…  PINTEREST for inspiration for a little refresh. I have been having a hard time trying to decide what direction to take (since I’ve been thinking about it since FEBRUARY!)  Our dining room is open to the Living room and kitchen, so you really have to treat them like 3 rooms in 1, which makes it a bit challenging! 

The walls in the kitchen and dining room are a bright cheery green.  The kitchen and dining room have to be the same color.  I’ve gone around and around trying to figure out a way to create a transition area so the rooms could be painted different colors but it just doesn’t work.  I’ve actually had multiple conversations with my design team (a.k.a Shannon & Cindy).  All that is to say that the green walls are staying – which I love anyway!

So when I saw this pin by Katie Bower on Pinterest via Canadian House & Home, I knew it was the perfect solution!


The combination of the celery green, navy and golden browns are just scrumptious!

So we already have the celery taken care of with the wall color.  The natural tones will be in our dining table – a family piece from my Grandmother, hardwood floors and antique corner cabinet.  To bring in the navy I will be painting a set of vintage bamboo chairs courtesy of my Mother in law.  She has the whole set from the 70’s – table, chairs and china cabinet!  She is still using the cabinet and had given us the table a while back.

I will need to add new soft furnishings: rug, fabric for chair covers and window treatments.  We replaced the chandelier a while back with this super good bargain from CB2 for $50 smack-a-roos!  Can you say deal?!?!  So here’s what I’m thinking…

Dining Room

So what do you think??  The rug is another good bargain from Shades of Light.  The 5 x 8 is only $280.00.  The Ikat panels are from West Elm – and might not be the final selection but give the right idea of what I’m thinking.  And the artwork is just another idea – we’ll see where we end up.  I have been toying around with the idea of gallery wall there.  It’s a long wall that could use some different shapes and sizes.

So what do you think??  Are you working on any re-designs?  Any great sources for window treatments I need to know about??

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