Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holly Jolly Photos

So…  I’ve decided to take the plunge and send out photo Christmas cards.  I feel a bit silly sending out a picture of just me and Joe…  I know, it’s probably not weird but for some reason I think couple shot = just married or engaged.  And obviously we are neither of those.  But I got over it and decided to take the plunge. 

I needed to do some research on ideas for poses.  Nothing that looked too “we just got married.”  So off to Pinterest I headed…  making a board of ideas.

Here are some of my favorites… (click on the photo to take you to the source)



So with these ideas in mind…  we headed outside after Thanksgiving lunch with my sweet cousin as our photographer. 


And the winner:


I’m hesitant to show the actual card cause I want it to be a surprise for those who will be receiving it in the mail!  So what do you think?  Does it look like we’re trying to be a newly engaged couple?  Ok good!  Have you taken your photo yet for your cards.  Check back for our adventure of taking pictures of Julie’s girls for their card!  Too fun!!


  1. I love they one where you're really laughing!

  2. LOVE this picture so much. So, so cute.


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