Friday, December 2, 2011

Banner Holiday!

I wanted to show y’all how I made our banner for our Christmas cards.

Remember these uber cool inspiration pictures:


I really liked this banner idea but couldn’t find one in a store so…  what do we do when that happens?!?!  We make our own!

So I grabbed some supplies from Michaels:


Letter stickers, tags, and leather string


I applied one sticker per tag.  Then cut short strings and tied them with a split knot.


Next I attached each word to a long string – attaching them to their own string

Super simple right!

And just in case you didn’t see some pictures with the banner – here’s how it turned out…


Love this shot!  She’s such a kooky girl!! Love her!

Oh and I’m sure this cute little banner will be making into our Christmas décor!  Score – double duty!!  Merry merry, happy happy, ya’ll!!

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  1. That's my favorite shot, minus the rudolph nose :D It was such a fun afternoon!


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