Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April memories

I was checking out Mrs Limestone’s post where she looked back over the past couple years.  And it got me thinking…  wonder what we were doing in April in years past?

So let’s hop back and see what was going on…


This time last year we were just getting back from an amazing trip to Boston.  Eating some of the best food evah!!  Oh the Lobster Roll I still dream about.


Such a great trip – so fun to look back and remember all the good times.  I love traveling with Joe!


Celebrating Chris’ birthday at the park




Joe’s first trip to Honduras and my second:


04-11-10 244


Graduation for sweet cousin Elizabeth – one of my favorite pic’s of Joe and Jonathan


Actually finished a knitting project

Isn’t it so funny to look back a couple years.  The difference in photography quality.  Remembering things that I had forgotten.  Just like Ms Limestone said, if there’s no other reason to blog than to catalog our lives – what better reason! 

What you got going on this April?  Anything fun and exciting that needs documentation??

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