Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Lunch

Well it’s holiday time again and what does that mean?? Food!  Oh I mean, time with loved ones shared over a meal.  This year we’re splitting up all the different parts and everyone is contributing their part.  Doesn’t that make a meal so much tastier when it’s a joint effort?  No one is carrying all the responsibility. 

So here’s what the menu is looking like:




from budget savvy diva


from Ezra Pound Cake


from Taste of Home


from a Few Shortcuts


I’m going to make a Carrot Cake and I’m choosing between these 2 recipes:

Blog posts

Shortcut Carrot Cake    OR     Ginger Carrot Cake

Which one do you think looks tastier??

So needless to say I’m looking forward to Sunday!  For multiple reasons!!  Worshipping at our Sunrise Service, time with our wonderful family and some yummy treats to indulge in!!  Can’t wait!

What are you plans?  Do you go out to eat or do you get down and dirty in the kitchen?  What are your families traditions?

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