Friday, October 19, 2012

BABY shower!

This past weekend we had our very first BABY shower!  And oh were we showered with love and gifts!!

These wonderful ladies went above and beyond to create a fun, inviting and super special atmosphere  for celebrating "Baby L's" soon arrival!

There were so many fun details to take in.  The food, decor, special touches.  I know that they spent so much time planning and crafting to make this day an unforgettable event!  

The ladies chose a "Lamb theme" that was featured on the invites, cupcake toppers, and even in the decor. Cindy made a pair of beautiful pillows that had a felt lamb appliqued on them.  And Shannon even did special artwork that featured sweet lambs.  I'm telling you these girls don't miss a detail!

After enjoying all kind of wonderful finger food goodies. (The Caramel Apple Shooters were to die for!  Thanks Julie!!) We opened gifts.  And the generosity was dumbfounding!!  So many cute outfits and DIAPERS, WIPES, toys, homemade items and more.  Baby L is blessed beyond words.

{Super excited about these homemade onesies for each month to photograph Baby L's growth from Aunt Dewey}
{oh and check out the lamb pillow!}

{Sweet Natty being my trash girl}

And the gifts just kept coming!!  I will save you from the super CHEESY grin-fest I was having.  Wow!  What can I say - I was a happy mama!!

After the gifts, we played a little Baby Pictionary.  The garland played 2 roles = super cute decoration along with Pictionary clues!

Another super cute idea they had was a "Wish Tree".  Everyone filled out tags with advice, suggestions and even some FREE babysitting offers!  These will be great for the baby book!

I was so happy to be surrounded by so many friends and family!  It's rare that all of us girls are together at one time so this was a special moment!!

{Baby L's:  Cousin/Aunt, Great - Aunt, Grandmom L, Mama, Mimi & Aunt Daina}
{and wow - that bump is bumpin'!}

Thank you again ladies for a day so sweet & special!!!  

{And special thanks to Aunt Liz for being the photographer!}

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