Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cozy & Warm

Don't you just love the feel of fall...  the cool air, the rustling of leaves, the smell of a fire burning, snuggling under a cozy blanket.  Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons.  As we are settling into the new house, (We actually made our first fire the other night!) I still think of the coziness we had created at Sheffield.  So when I saw Apartment Therapy's "Room for Color" was going on, I decided to enter our Cozy & Warm living room.

I really enjoyed this paint color by Behr - Ground Ginger.  When the light filled the room the warm yellow-y golden tones went really well with the orange accents.  In the early part of the day when the sun wasn't as bright you got more green undertones.  I love a paint color that changes with the light.  It makes the space that much more interesting!

I grounded the space with deep chocolate browns.  The kept things weighted but balanced.  A mixture of old and new pieces make the space feel "collected" vs. too matchy matchy.

If you would like to you can go and vote for my space on Apartment Therapy as one of your favorites.  Just click here and it takes you right to Katy's Cozy & Warm space.  FYI - you do have to "sign up" for an account but if you haven't ever checked our Apartment Therapy it's a great site with LOTS of fun inspirational spaces!!

Soon I will show you how these furnishings are looking in the new casa.  They make a space that's new to us feel like HOME that's for sure!

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