Friday, August 9, 2013

Itching for a project

I know there’s been little action of decorating on this ol’ blog for a while now.  Obviously we’ve been in baby mode for a while now.  But I am finally itching to get some decorating done around here.  We’ve been in the house almost a year now with very little modifying and if you know me at all it’s killing me.  You know its bad when Joe actually says “I think we need to do a house project soon.”  Blow me over with a feather!!  Thankfully the house was move in ready since we were 6 months preggers at the time, but its time to start making it feel like it’s our house!
So we’ve decided to start in the dining room.  This room was actually a playroom for the previous owner.  I think we need to add some architectural detail to dress it up and make it feel more like a dining room rather than just a rectangular box!  This is a shot from our walk through before the previous owners moved out.
And this is where we are today:
dinrm1    dinrm2
So really all we have done is add some drapes and move in our furniture.  That’s it.  And golly does it need some help!  Eek.  Seeing it in pictures makes it even more obvious.  Focus Katy, focus. 
GOOD NEWS!  I have a plan! 
Screen Captures
I still love the drapes so those will be our inspiration. 
Fullscreen capture 832013 12339 PM.bmp
I want to add some architectural interest in the room so we plan on adding Board and Batten trim work along with some crown molding.  We will paint that white and add some yummy rich color above.  I am really loving BM – Templeton Gray. 
Fullscreen capture 832013 13052 PM.bmp
Here are some examples of nice crisp white B&B with deep color above.
Fullscreen capture 832013 12131 PM.bmp
Fullscreen capture 832013 11736 PM.bmp
Gorg!  Right?!?!  
The ceiling fan needs to go ASAP and I love this fixture from Young House Love via Shades of Light.  Simple with a fun industrial feel.  And the price you can’t beat!  $89 for the fixture and you can use YHL discount code and get 10% off.  Yes please.
Fullscreen capture 832013 12000 PM.bmp
The plan for the chairs are taking the vintage bamboo chairs from Joe’s mom and painting them.  I’ve talked about that for years now but we are going to make that happen!  They are similar to these and I’m thinking BM Castleton Mist would be perfect.
Fullscreen capture 832013 12905 PM.bmp    Fullscreen capture 832013 13345 PM.bmp
And for the floors…  my down the road goal is hardwoods.  This house was built on a slab so I’m working on the research of what our options are for hardwoods BUT in the mean time I’m dying to get rid of the berber carpet.  Wall to wall carpet does not say dining room to me.  So I’ve talked Joe into pulling up the carpet and painting the concrete for the time being and adding an area rug.  Something like this rug from World Market with some great texture would be perfect.
Fullscreen capture 832013 12602 PM.bmp
So that’s the plan…  Hoping to get the carpet up in the next week or so and get to work on the walls!  Here’s hoping that can happen with a little 8 1/2 month old crawling around! 
Screen Captures

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