Monday, September 2, 2013

9 months old

Baby boy is 3/4 of the way through his first year!  Every day is more and more fun.  He has become more mobile which makes taking his monthly shots a little more challenging!  But I love it – you see exactly what' he’s up to! 


Some first this month:  Ventured to our first social event (a Salon Opening for our sweet friends Taylor & Kyle).   Beach trip with the Queens (we had so much fun getting away with our dear friends and their girls – I hope to make this a tradition!)  First actual paid babysitter (Dave Matthews Concert for mom & dad.  btdubs – worst DMB concert I’ve ever been to.  Boo.)


We are still dealing with his eczema. Dad and Isaac actually went to the dermatologist and we tried some cortisone and some other “special” creams.  But…  they didn’t really work.  What’s worked the best is actually coconut oil mixed with lavender essential oil.  All natural.  Safe.  And smells good to boot.  More details to come on the essential oils.


We had his 9 month photo shoot and our little grinner did NOT show up for the photo shoot.  He was good just not normal Isaac.  We just got the proofs back today and they are good – but I missed seeing the big gummy grin!  More on those photos to come as well!


Laid back laughing!  Love it!


He loves to clap and also to put his hands up like “TOUCHDOWN”.   so.cute.


The boy is FAST crawling!  Our new game is for us to chase his down the hall crawling  - he cracks up!   And because I could share all 90 pictures I took this day, here are just a few more out-takes.

DSC_3480      DSC_3495DSC_3496


DSC_3503       DSC_3506

The boy is BUSY!

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  1. I can't believe no one has written about how cute, beautiful and wonderful this little bundle of awesomeness is.--Leave it to his Mimi---she'll do it. This is the best little fellow in the whole wide world. He makes me smile when I just think about him. Love from his Mimi.b


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