Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Taking Stock

Cooking : Loving the Morning Glory Muffins - must blog recipe!
Drinking : Mucho Coffee!  Even Joe's addicted
Reading: Not much of nothing!  And missing it!
Wanting: more time... why do the weekends fly??
Looking: at Little man bouncing up and down so eager to walk!
Enjoying: the fall weather that is upon us!
Waiting: For vacation.
Liking: the new wall color in the dining room
Wondering: How long it will take us to complete the dining room project?!?!
Loving: My boys.  Feeling blessed after celebrating our 15th anniversary and Isaac's 10 month bday
Hoping: For a great weekend with a great friend.
Marveling: At how a baby learns.
Needing: More time.
Playing: on the floor...  I love being down on the floor with Isaac
Smelling: The clean healing scent of essential oils being diffused.
Noticing: Joe is an amazing dad
Thinking: Vacation.  Soon.
Knowing: I'm going to miss my little boy like crazy but we will both be better for it.
Focusing: The gifts He gives us.  So many.
Opening: A package containing part of Isaac's Halloween costume.  Too cute.
Feeling: Blessed.

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