Monday, May 25, 2009

Master Refresh

I finally got the "new" Master bedroom painted and a few new touches added. It only took MONTHS for me to get motivated but hey it's done and I am really enjoying the results!! I really wanted to do something a little different from any thing we have had in the past. I LOVE color but the cool colors are really intriguing me recently. So I thought that our bedroom would be a great space to try it out. I wanted to do a monochromatic color scheme with just a punch of color. We went with Coventry Gray from Benjamin Moore for the walls. I kept the same duvet we had since it was white, added some pillows and window treatments from IKEA. (I love being able to swing in IKEA and pick up something! Too fun!!!) So we've got grey, white, black and hot pink for our punch!

I still need artwork for the main wall of the bedroom. I am thinking about using some of the decal artwork that is so popular now. Truthfully I can see why - you get a nice big bang for your buck! I still can't decide which one... Will you help me choose??? So here are the options:

The decal would be on the long wall (see below.) I would like the decal to come out from behind the window treatment panel. I like the idea of having it in black with hopefully a some pink mixed in, but some of the options are only one color. So we'll see which one works out best.


  1. I like both one and three. Not sure which one is number two. Those are so cool. The room looks great. Makes me want to have you come do our room for us. :)

  2. It looks really good! I already gave my vote:)


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