Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little weekend project...

I have had this metal basket on the side of the chimney forever but haven't known how to plant flowers in it. But with the help of "blog world" I came upon this really cool blog that had the exact solution!! I was so excited!

To do this project you will need: 1 bag of sheet moss, plants, and potting soil. So I compiled all my supplies and began to make my basket!

To start you soak your sheet moss for 10 minutes. This is going to be the glue that holds it all together. After the moss is nice and soaked, put the moss down as the base of pot. Then add your flowers getting the blossoms to stick out the side. Then fill in with potting soil to give the plants something to grow into. And now you just start making layers until you get to the top. You want to make sure your moss is creating a wall for your soil so when you water the plant dirt doesn't all fall out. I added some more moss on the very top to help the soil retain water. I had read about the idea of putting mulch in your potted plants to help keep the soil moist in potted plants so I figured the moss would serve the same purpose.

The ladies over at "The Babs Blog" say that it will fill in nicely... I am looking forward to it!! And if I haven't done this project justice here is there blog with nice concise instructions! I love the finished product! Thanks Babs!!


  1. Hurray! It looks wonderful! We are so honored that you tried this out---can't wait to see more pictures after it fills in. Thanks for trying our project out. :)
    ---Jill & Kari from the Babs Blog

  2. P.S. Darling blog, by the way! :)

  3. That is great. I have a similar basket thing I will be trying this on. Thanks for sharing.


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