Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween's coming fast...

and I wanted to get my pumpkins out. I have seen some wonderful ideas for displaying pumpkins. So many great ideas out there. This year I wanted to try a pumpkin topiary. Check out my project this weekend...

I tried to find 3 different size pumpkins

Purchased a 3/8" dowel at the hardware store. Drilled a hole in the pumpkin.

Lined up the pumpkins and drilled some more holes

I borrowed the stand to my gazing ball to give it some height

I had thought I would paint on the pumpkin but then thought it may be easier and quicker just to use black magic markers

Once I got it outside I thought it could use just a little more umph, so I added some artificial leaf garland to add some softness

Whatcha think??
Go check out this lovely pumpkin topiary here and here. Awesome, right?
I'll be showing the whole front door tomorrow as part of "Doors of Welcome" hosted by Karen @ Some Days are Diamonds

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  1. Oh my gosh Katy. I love it. I have got to try this.


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