Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yard Sale finds

So a friend of mine had a yard sale a few weeks back and boy did I get some goodies!!
Check 'em out!

a crystal chandelier accent lamp - found a home in the dining room

a funky little lamp for the guest room
great tray! - loving this splash of yellow in the living room

I've always loved these Geisha girl pillows!! They're perfect in the living room!

and one more tray... this one made it's home in the den

Don't you just love a good deal!! There are more goodies to show...

I got some great items for the kitchen, I'll share those later!

Happy bargain hunting!!

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  1. Yeah you did find some GREAT stuff! I love everything!

  2. Great finds! The crystal lamp is beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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