Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cherry Tree Artwork

Do you remember the re-do on our Master Bedroom? I had discussed doing some of vinyl artwork on the large wall. But I got to thinking... and the budget being ever mindful, decided I didn't need to spend the $60.oo - $80.oo on the vinyl artwork. So I asked my very talented aunt to paint the image that I wanted. I found several different images that I liked and made a combination of them for our artwork. (The other plus of doing it ourselves!)

So here's a little step by step of the process.

We figured out the general area size and put painters tape to create a frame for us to work in.

I don't know if you any of your got some free paint from Glidden a couple of months back but I did! I chose "Very Berry" because I knew I wanted the flowers to be a fuchsia color. Then I got some black paint for the tree limb. So we spent $12.00 for the artwork! Good thing I asked for the artist to paint this for my birthday present.

My aunt is so talented; there's no drawing or sketching - she just grabs the paintbrush and goes!

Ok so we've got the limb done and now it's time to add some color!

We played with a couple different styles of petals / flowers. I love the way my Aunt Mark paints. She just tries something and if it's not right we just paint right over it and try again! I'm always so intimated that I'll make a mistake but it opened my eyes to the ease of just creating! And then we decided to add a bird or two. Now for the bird she didn't feel quite as comfortable free handing them. So a good little trick... she drew some on paper, cut them out and just traced it with a pencil and filled in with paint!

So... what do you think?? I love it!! Anyone else try any murals on their walls?


  1. Looks great! Mark is so darn talented!!

  2. You're right. Your aunt IS talented! I love it...
    pk @ room remix

  3. Thats my mom!!! Wish I could see it in real life!

  4. It looks beautiful! Great spot for it. Thanks for sharing your site with me. I am enjoying looking around. Don't you just love wall art?


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