Monday, September 14, 2009

Shower gift

Some of our friends are getting married this October and had a bridal shower today. I wanted to do something a little different and loved this idea and thought it would work perfectly!! So off to Target I went, check out the finished basket...

We did a recipe for Cowboy Cookies, a little different from the Bakerella site. This recipe was courtesy of my friend Shannon and boy are those yummy cookies! We had to separate the ingredients because it wouldn't all fit in the jar.

I love how all the ingredients look stacked! We took a brown paper bag and made the topper and used twine to tie it off.

This idea has me thinking about Christmas presents!! I have to find a recipe that will fit in one jar though... Anyone have a good one to use?


  1. I love this idea Katy. i bet if we google recipes in a jar we could find some that fit.

  2. I love your basket of gifts. I do that with every gift I give! Sorry I don't have recipies, but Teresa is right, google that up and see what you get!

  3. I love these kind of jars too! i am making peppermint filled jars with salt dough & mint topped lids for my daughter's teacher gifts this year...kind of hard to will have to drop back in on my blog during the holidays to see them...i will be posting a tutorial for them! :) so glad to "meet" you!


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