Friday, September 4, 2009

Gift closet

I love having a gift closet. That way during the year as I find presents for birthdays and Christmas I have one central location to store them in. It's also great to have some quick easy options for hostess gifts, etc. I have housed the gifts on a shelf in the guest bedroom closet but as time goes on that poor closet just gets stuffed with more "stuff". I was wanting to clean out that space some to allow for guests to actually be able to use some of the closet during their stay.

I recently got a "hand-me-down" from my mom; a beautiful dresser that I've put in the living room. This piece provides a good amount of storage space and I hadn't decided what to put in it... until now!

So I pulled out all the goodies that I have purchased through the year... Organized into who's receiving what... Cleaned out anything that was past it's prime... and...

Organized it in the bottom drawer of the dresser!!

Now don't look too close, cause you might see your Christmas present before it's time to open it! This was also helpful because I was able to inventory what I had and figured out that I've already finished some people's Christmas!! And it's only September!


  1. Great idea! You should check out Clover Lane (you can link there from my blog). She has a great project she did with an old dresser. I actually have plans to copy her "Grand Central Station" for my laundry room. I'm with you on the shopping... I love having an extra stash for emergency gifts throughout the year. Way to go on the early Christmas shopping! God's blessings, Sarah :D

  2. That's a great idea. I have a few things that I keep aside in my closet too. Helps the special occasions and holidays not feel so overwhelming.

  3. beautiful dresser!
    I too have a gift closet. I always find such perfect items for that someone on my listand buy them when I see them so I don't forget.


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