Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coming soon!

There's a CB2 coming to Atlanta! They are planning on opening in August. For those not so familiar with CB2, they are "affordable modern" for apartment, loft and home. They have some great pieces and a lot of them at great prices!

Check out a few of my fav's:

I'm loving this! And for only $49.95 - I'm going to make it mine. John & Sherry at Young House Love used this in their dining room as well! Super cool!

This is one of my all time fav's. Who doesn't like a little lucite??

So as you can see all kinds of great stuff! I look forward to going to Atlanta to see it in person! My sweet friend Cindy has been talking about planning a trip that way. Now we have another reason to go!

Any new exciting shops coming to your area? What stores would you like to have at your door step? Are you a big box shopper or support the locals kinda of gal? Do tell!

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  1. Your blog background is so cute!!! Looks like a great store. We don't have one that I know of...bummer. I love cheap and cool:)


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