Friday, July 2, 2010

A rundown

So now that you have seen the finished product for the bathroom, I thought we should break down the project.


Vanity: Liquidation sale $450.00 – which I know this a big chunk but I think comparing it to other vanities out there (like here and here) it’s a major deal. It wasn’t easy for me to spend that much on one item, but as I mentioned before my sweet friend talked me into at the time and I am so glad she did! The vanity already came with sink, beautiful stone countertop, and faucet. Even the major penny pinchers over at Young House Love spent $410 on their gorgeous vanity. You must check out how they made theirs from a side table!!

Mirror: Painted existing mirror from the Guest Room. It worked out so well that the lines from the mirror mimicked the pattern in the shower curtain. Don’t you just love HAPPY accidents!

Shower Curtain: got that here. $44.00

Arched shower rod: $10.00 clearance @ Marshalls

New rings: $4.00

Extra-long liner: $20.00 (ouch!)

Towel Bar & Hook: $14.00

Towels: 2 @ $7.00

Bamboo Bath Mat: $15.00

Items that were re-purposed: Artwork, shelf, clock, canisters, lamp

Paint Color: Behr - Aged Beige

Electrician / Fan / Plug: $200.00

Painter, Paint & Ceiling Work: $300.00

TOTAL: $1071.00

Considering $500 worth of the budget went to professionals doing their thing and $450 to the vanity. We did real good filling it out with everything else for $121.00.


So when you do a project do you normally pre-budget or just kind of fly by the seat of your pants like me?

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  1. Looks great! Love that mirror. So glad you stopped by my blog. Always fun to meet fellow Charlotte bloggers. Keep in touch!



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