Friday, June 25, 2010

Thinking outside the curtain

Do you remember the inspiration for this bathroom re-do from Centsational Girl? Here’s a little refresher on that



So I knew I wanted to do orange, blue and tan. But which color where – how to combine them? So I said to myself…

“Orange on the walls? No that’s a little much. Maybe blue on the walls? No you’ve already got 3 different blue rooms as it is. Then tan? Really?? Why not. What’s wrong with tan? Well nothings wrong with tan but it’s just tan. Fine, tan it is.”

So now on to how to get the orange and blue in the room. I felt that the orange would give the biggest punch for the shower curtain and I really wanted a nice dramatic pattern. And the one big challenge with this – I wanted it at least 80” long. So finding a pre-made shower curtain was going to be near impossible. So option A) find fabric and make my own or B) find something else that could be used for shower curtain. I went with Option B.


A duvet – I loved the Moroccan -esque pattern and for $44.00 (@ I was sold! So when the duvet came in it worked out great that the button holes for the duvet were on the orange side which worked out perfect for the shower curtain rings! So I separated the orange side from the white and hemmed the edges and voila! We’ve got a shower curtain!


So now that we have our orange we needed to bring in the blue.


Some towels…

DSC_3507 DSC_3513

And artwork!

A little hydrangea from the yard is perfect as well!


I think the color combo is super crisp! Are you trying a different color combination? Anything tweaking your interest?


  1. How clever! Mind if I ask where you got the duvet cover?

  2. Thanks!! That would probably be a good tip to include, huh!?! Linen's n Things online. Which I was surprised because I thought they had gone out of business.

  3. Oh cool! I forgot about their online store, thank you! *runs off to check it out*


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