Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How it all began…

The whole thing that started this bathroom re-do was the vanity. I was not loving a pedestal sink in our one and only bathroom. It didn’t allow for any counter space or storage.

So… one happy day two girls were at a liquidation sale and came upon a most lovely vanity. The first little girl told the second little girl you should definitely buy that vanity - “It’s gor-jay-sa” So she did!

(OK so if you didn’t follow that, I found this vanity at a liquidation sale and a dear friend twisted my arm for me to bite the bullet and purchase it!)


the vanity @ the store

This poor vanity sat in our guest bedroom (yes bedroom!) for way too long of a time. We wanted to get that list we discussed taken care of before bringing in the new piece of furniture. And then there was a mission trip we had to get ready for and go on and then just life in general gets in the way of DIYing.

So first step was removing the old pedestal:


And then the joys of installing the new piece… This took multiple trips to Home Depot. We replaced all the plumbing with new PVC pipe. But still we had trouble with leaking water. URGH!! Maybe it would have been worth it to call a plumber in on this one too.

(Just kidding honey, you did a great job!)


But look at all this nice storage now!


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