Saturday, June 5, 2010

One project always brings another

As we are moving right along with the bathroom update. The linen closet needed some attention as well. This space is rather tricky to keep organized. It’s deep and some what narrow, so items just get pushed and pushed to the back of the closet. So every so often it takes a major overhaul to get it back in working mode.

I can’t believe I’m showing you the before – it’s a little scary!

DSC_3151 DSC_3159

YIKES!!! That’s serious!

And the now… Quick before you get the previous images burned in your brain!


Mucho bettero!

So after a good purging of old and never used toiletries, I went to the good ol’ Wal-Mart for some new containers. I found some plastic drawers on clearance - $7 each! Which fit perfectly in the lower portion that is awkward space.


And then some great plastic tubs for only $1.50 to store paper goods.


I also picked up some smaller plastic baskets 2 for $1.50.


My one splurge item was for a large jar to house the bar soap. (It was $4.97)


I was able to fold all of all our towels and put them in the linen closet (previously they all lived on a shelf in the bathroom). I also used storage in the chest that we recently re-did for all the table linens that were in this closet; which opened up a lot of space. The bed linens were able to be organized per size on their shelf.


Overall I am super happy with the way the space has turned out. I still would like to make some labels but dear husband borrowed my label maker. So a few more things to do but overall much better!

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